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Tersedia / Available
elc-whizz-around-garageDetail Produk
Drive around the Race Around Garage to discover lights, sounds and more.

Fitur dan Benefit untuk Whizz Around Garage

Lights and sounds garage
3 sound effects and lights triggered by moving the lift
Two ramps to race down
Includes two cars
Vehicles are chunky and easy to grip
Helps strengthen little fingers
Great for developing hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills
Suitable from 12 months


Harga: Rp.75.000

ELC Little Cook's Kitchen

Tersedia / Available
ELC Little Cook\Detail Produk
Fantastic play kitchen with 2 cooking sounds
Hob, oven, dishwasher, microwave, sink
Work surface and storage included
Comes with 37 pieces of great kitchen kit


Harga: Rp.250.000

ELC Light n Sound Activity Table

Tersedia / Available
ELC Light n Sound Activity TableDetail Produk
Fitur dan Benefit untuk Light and Sounds Activity Table

Activity table with a host of different games
Flashing lights and funny sounds
Comes with hammer to tap balls through holes
Loud or soft mode
Encourages standing
Requires AA 4 Pack batteries (tidak termasuk)

Want To Know More?

The Light and Sounds Activity Table is a bright, colourful toy centre with a host of activities to delight your baby. Your child will love turning the knobs, pressing the spinner and watching the colourful balls race down the chutes. The flashing lights and funny sounds make it extra fun. The set includes 8 balls and a mini hammer to tap the balls through the holes. There's also a choice between loud or soft mode for energetic or quiet play.

Pulling themselves up to play the games on the Light and Sounds Activity Table helps your baby learn to stand with support, gaining confidence in their balance, and watching the balls come zipping down the chutes gives them plenty of practice at bending down and standing up again. Learning to turn the knobs, pull the lever and knock the balls with the hammer allows your baby to discover cause and effect, and helps develop their fine motor skills.

Suitable from 12 months.


Harga: Rp.160.000

ELC Giant Activity Cube

Tersedia / Available
ELC Giant Activity CubeDetail Produk
Keep your toddler entertained with this fun cube packed full of exciting activities to discover

Suitable from 12 months
Five sides packed full of fun activities to discover: cogs and beads, drum to tap, silly sounds and learn about colours, numbers and shapes.
Dimensions: H32xW32xD32cm

Each side of the Giant Activity Cube has something different which toddlers will love to interact with. There are cogs, filled with colourful beads to turn, spin and rattle. A drum, that lights up and changes colour which little ones can tap to the beat of the music, and enjoy two modes of play including silly sounds, and four great tunes. There is also a door with fun textures to open to reveal the friendly frog hiding behind it. Children can also pull on the fabric cube to spin the animals around, and press each shape to hear the colours, numbers and shapes spoken.


Harga: Rp.120.000

ELC Wobble Toddle Ride On

Tersedia / Available
ELC Wobble Toddle Ride OnDetail Produk
The sturdy and fun two-in-one Wobble Toddle Ride On converts from a walker into a ride-on toy.

Fitur dan Benefit untuk ELC Wobble Toddle Ride On

2-in-1 ride on toy
Walker folds down to become a ride-on car
Built-in shape sorter with shapes
Steering wheel, beeper, gear stick and musical buttons
Stimulates the senses and helps develop muscle strength
Want To Know More?

Versatile and long-lasting, the fun, stable Wobble Toddle Ride On easily converts from a walker into a fun ride-on. The Wobble Toddle features a steering wheel, gear lever, horn and musical buttons to press so your little one can feel just like a grown up driving a car. As a walker, the Wobble Toddle helps your little one gain confidence standing on their own two feet while giving them a stable structure to push along. The seat also has a built-in shape sorter, complete with plastic shapes, to develop problem solving skills and help improve hand-to-eye coordination.

Suitable from 12 months.


Harga: Rp.130.000

ELC Wooden Tumble And Spin Run

Tersedia / Available
ELC Wooden Tumble And Spin Run Detail Produk
Wooden tumble run with four 'spinners'
Place spinenrs on the run at the top, in the middle, one at a time or all together
Helps develop fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination
Great for imaginative play


Harga: Rp.50.000

ELC Sand n Water Playtable

Tersewa / Not Available
ELC Sand n Water PlaytableDetail Produk
Dual-penggunaan tabel daerah tanjung berpasir untuk bermain pasir dan air
Dilengkapi dengan 8 mainan
penutup dan kaki dilepas
Termasuk slot melalui pusat untuk menempatkan saluran air dan roda
tutup plastik Durable 2 bagian disertakan untuk menjaga pasir dan mainan yang aman dan mudah disimpan
Penutup plastik juga berfungsi sebagai jalur untuk kendaraan Happyland (tersedia secara terpisah) cara bahkan lebih untuk bermain

Include Pasir

Cocok dari 18mths-6yrs
45 x 65 x 65cm


Harga: Rp.160.000

Elc Lights And Sounds Buggy Driver

Tersedia / Available
Elc Lights And Sounds Buggy DriverDetail Produk
Keep your baby busy on the move this activity-packed wheel and dashboard. With horn to beep, ignition to turn, indicator lights, side mirrors and gear stick.

Accessories for stroller / buggy / carseat

Recommended Age Range : 3 - 36 months


Harga: Rp.60.000

ELC Musical Activity Station

Tersedia / Available
ELC Musical Activity StationDetail Produk
* Menggunakan batere 2 x AA (termasuk).
* Platform musik indah yang dapat disesuaikan dengan lima melodi dan 4 macam suara binatang.
* Dengan buku bergambar, manik-manik dan mainan kerincing berputar, tombol tekan, kerincing di pergelangan tangan, keyboard yang dapat dilepas dan masih banyak lagi.
* Tempat penyimpanan datar dan memiliki pegangan untuk dibawa.
* Sangat baik untuk menstimulasi indera bayi anda dan mendorong mereka untuk bereksplorasi dengan tangan mereka dan mendengarkan suara.
* Cocok untuk anak mulai dari usia 6 -15 bulan (max 12 kg)


Harga: Rp.175.000

ELC Junior Trampoline

Tersedia / Available
ELC Junior TrampolineDetail Produk
Small trampoline with stitched-in padded edges so little feet can't get trapped,Soft handles to give a good grip,Suitable for use indoors and outdoors,Helps your child develop coordination, balance and strength,H87 x W97 x D95.5cm,Suitable from 12mths-3yrs (maximum weight 35kg)


Harga: Rp.180.000

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