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Elc Lights And Sounds Buggy Driver

Tersedia / Available
Elc Lights And Sounds Buggy DriverDetail Produk
Keep your baby busy on the move this activity-packed wheel and dashboard. With horn to beep, ignition to turn, indicator lights, side mirrors and gear stick.

Accessories for stroller / buggy / carseat

Recommended Age Range : 3 - 36 months


Harga: Rp.50.000

Haenim Toys Slide & Swing

Tersewa / Not Available
Haenim Toys Slide & SwingDetail Produk
A complete activity center for your children

Slide suitable for 2-5yrs old

Swing suitable up to 25kg

Indoor Only


Harga: Rp.300.000

Bumbo Seat With Tray

Tersedia / Available
Bumbo Seat With TrayDetail Produk
The Baby Sitter helps your little one to sit upright once they are strong enough to support their own head, allowing them to engage with their surroundings and develop their posture
The secure and moveable seat means that you can get on with jobs knowing that your little one is safe and close to you
A detachable Play Tray is a perfect platform for your little one's toys, keeping them entertained and happy
Easy to wipe clean, the Baby Sitter is great for using at home and when away
Suitable for babies 4-12 months, weighing 9-22lb or 4-10kg

Bumbo seat ini cocok buat anak bayi yang sudah tidak sabar untuk duduk sendiri (asal leher sudah tegak ya, Mommies). Bumbo Seat ini bisa digunakan dari mulai usia 3 sampai 12 bulan. Masa pakai tergantung berat dan postur tubuh bayi.
3 - 12 Month


Harga: Rp.100.000

GB Zero C2012 Yellow

Tersedia / Available
GB Zero C2012 YellowDetail Produk
* Aluminum frame with clean styling
* Super flat fold system, to store everywhere possible
* Infinite backrest adjustment
* Extendable leg rest
* Lockable front swivel wheels
* Independent rear wheels with brake system
* Removable hood
* 5-point harness system
* Easy-access shopping basket
* weight 9 Kg
* from newborn - 3 years


Harga: Rp.200.000

Bright Starts Baby Swing Cradle Sway safari

Tersedia / Available
Bright Starts Baby Swing Cradle Sway safariDetail Produk
Product Features:
# Seat rotates 180° for 3 swing directions
# TrueSpeed" technology maintains 6 speeds as baby grows
# Mobiles with 2 playtime toys easily pivots out of the way
# 20 minutes of melodies and nature sounds with volume control and auto shut-off

Additional Features:

* Swing time with 3 settings: 30, 45 and 60 minutes
* Whisper Quiet" operation
* 5 point harness
* Machine washable seat pad
* Non-slip feet
* For babies birth and up and weighing no more than 25 lbs.
* Birth - 6 months


Harga: Rp.270.000

Smart Trike Spirit White

Tersewa/ not Available
Smart Trike Spirit WhiteDetail Produk
The Smart Trike Black and White Spirit Trike provides an innovative design that will adapt and grow with your child, having an intelligent convertible design that is perfect for babies from 10-36 months old. The Smart Trike can be controlled by the child or parent, changing between the options at the flip of a switch.
Convertible Design

Suitable for children from ages 10-36 months, your child can enjoy the different features as they develop their balance and motor skills more fully. It goes from a padded high-back support that is controlled by the parent, to a training trike that teaches them how to pedal, to an independent trike.
Different Controls

Depending on the age of your children, and how good they are at pedalling themselves, you can change the Smart Trike to being controlled by an adjustable Touch Steering parent handle. This is perfect for younger children who haven’t yet gotten hang of it.


Harga: Rp.200.000

ELC Disco Walker

Tersewa / Not Available
ELC Disco WalkerDetail Produk
Disco Walker keluaran ELC (Mothercare), mainan walker yang interaktif, sangat menyenangkan untuk menemani bayi anda belajar berjalan. Nampan mainan dapat dilepas untuk dimainkan sendiri.

The Disco Walker adalah cara yang bagus untuk mendapatkan bayi Anda bergerak dan memiliki tiga posisi tinggi memastikan bahwa kaki mereka selalu menyentuh lantai dengan benar dan nyaman.

Sandaran empuk dan kursi yang kaku memastikan bayi nyaman selama bermain dan semua lampu interaktif, musik dan mainan akan membantu untuk mengembangkan tangan - koordinasi mata serta memberikan kesenangan tanpa henti!


Harga: Rp.150.000

playmat parklon pororo

Tersewa / Not Available
playmat parklon pororoDetail Produk
Neat Finishing
Parklon Playmat created with strict quality control system for safe and clean use has been complete with high frequency finishing to ensure safety of children.

The diamond shape embossing treatment on the surface prevent slipping and getting dirty.

It has been since playroom mat become one of the essential items for childbirth and childcare. The cushion layer of 1cm or more in thickness prevent safety-related accidents possible to occurs as your child grows up in your house.
The following is safety-related accident frequently occurring in your homes:
- Injury to face and knee as your child tips over while crawling about
- Brain damage and other injuries caused while toddling

1. Safe & Comfortable
The non-slip, embossed cushioning surface greatly helps to reduce injury due to falling and giving protection for you active children.

2. Eco-Friendly
It is made of non-toxic and non-phthalate soft PVC material. The fungi-free and water-proof surface can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and soap.

3. Educational
The colourful reversible surface printed with educational theme patterns create learning environment for children.

Advantages of PVC:
- Hypoallergenic, it will repel any house ticks and dust.
- If taken care of, it will last up to at least 5 years.
- Easy to clean and maintain.
Size : 2100mm x 1400mm x 15mm


Harga: Rp.150.000

Munchkin Protect Auto Close Metal Baby Gate

Tersewa / Not Available
Munchkin Protect Auto Close Metal Baby GateDetail Produk
# Use virtually everyplace in the home - top of stairs, bottom of stairs, between rooms
# Gravity-fed hinge locks gate shut automatically
# Steel U-shaped power frame keeps gate securely in place
# Double-locking system on handle is easy for adults to use, but difficult for a child
# Door swings open in both directions


Harga: Rp.125.000

Mamalove High Chair

Tersewa / Not Available
Mamalove High ChairDetail Produk
MamaLove high chair dengan disain terbaru sesuai permintaan para ibu untuk memenuhi kebutuhan sikecil. Kini hadir dengan fiturnya yang luar biasa: 5 pengaturan tinggi kaki kursi sesuai kebutuhan, senderan empuk dengan 4 posisi kenyaman senderan, 3 pengaturan nampan makan dapat dilepas dan dicuci, 5 titik sabuk pengaman. Kursi MamaLove dilapisi kain busa empuk yang dapat dilepas dan dicuci.

Bila tidak digunakan, kursi ini sangat mudah dilipat dan ringkas untuk disimpan atau dibawa-bawa.


* 5 pengaturan tinggi kaki kursi
* 4 posisi senderan kursi, untuk kenyamanan bayi
* 3 pengaturan meja makan bayi
* 5 titik sabuk pengaman
* 2 Roda depan untuk mudah dipindahkan dari satu ruangan ke ruangan lainnya.
* Pijakan kaki untuk kenyamanan
* Baki dapat dilepas dan dicuci
* Bantalan Kursi dengan busa empuk yang nyaman
* Kain penutup kursi dapat dilepas dan dicuci
* High Chair ini dapat dilipat ringkas untuk penyimpanan

Anak Usia: 6 bulan s/d 4 tahun (Maks 18 kg)


Harga: Rp.120.000

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